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Next level oil, gas and chemicals: Harnessing the power of digitalization to thrive in challenging and uncertain times

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This new white paper explores how existing market dynamics and challenges are forcing a massive change in the oil, gas and chemical (OGC) industries' approach to technology. Quoting from a range of independent sources, this paper argues that the current downturn is not purely a cyclical dip but rather a forewarning of a new status quo to which industry players must adapt, if they are to survive now and longer term. 

"Despite heavy cost-cutting by way of rig shutdowns and headcount reductions, operational savings have only clawed back a modest amount of losses triggered by the oil price crash," says Håvard Devold, ABB group vice president. 

ABB identifies four imperatives which OGC executives are encouraged to embrace in order to optimize performance in these unprecedented times and ensure long-term viability:
  • Deploying enterprise-wide digitalization and connectivity
  • Bringing together information and operational technologies
  • Pursuing simplification and standardization wherever feasible
  • Having CEO leadership and sponsorship of a digitally-focused approach
Read this paper to learn about the implications for each segment -- upstream, midstream and downstream -- and see a roadmap for creating a fully digitalized hydrocarbon value chain for both greenfield and brownfield situations. In addition, you'll find case studies which demonstrate the recommendations in practice. 

"Our approach to digitalization works and this white paper shares our insights to a wider audience," says Devold. Sign up to download this free white paper NOW.

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