Using digital to address internal and external challenges 

Transforming chemical operations through technology 

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The complex nature of chemical production - with its numerous process variables, volatile costs and prices as well as significant regional differences - makes optimal decision-making particularly difficult. And, as explained in this first of a two-part white paper, the external and internal challenges facing the sector over the next decade are only likely to make things more difficult.

Drawing from a selection of independent sources and providing case studies from mature and emerging markets, this white paper provides chemical executives an overview of how digitalization can help them increase profitability and minimize risk whatever their situation. It discusses the potential of increasingly cost-effective digital technology to facilitate improved monitoring, more integrated operations and remote management to drive greater productivity at reduces costs and risk in the light of market complexity and uncertainty.

The second part will be issued on September 18th and will delve deeper into the solutions available while incorporating additional case studies to demonstrate digitalization in action within the chemical industry.